Inpatient Suites

At Kuwait hospital, we strive to give the ultimate experience to our patient on all levels, starting with the best medical care in addition to an exceptional staying.
Our premium suites are designed to provide a caring, homely ambience to stay connected with their families and loved ones during their stay.

We offer 3 types of suites: Junior, Senior and Royal that match every patient need with customized luxury services that makes the stay comfortable and unforgettable.

Royal suite

Where luxury and hospitality combine under one roof. Kuwait Hospital welcomes you to our Royal Suites and ready for an exquisite experience with a panoramic view of the gulf sea, a suite designed for luxury in every angle. Accommodating not only you, but a guest to ensure that you always have someone from home. The Royal Suite also includes a dining room, a fully equipped kitchen, a guest washroom, a private Jacuzzi for you a walk-in closet, and a living room to meet and greet your guest.

Senior suite

Enjoy the perfect sea view during your stay at our Senior suite. With its spacious areas and unique design and premium furniture you will not feel away from home. Catered by the best hospitality services and ultimate levels of comfort. The Senior suite consists of a guest room, a kitchenette and a living room are for a meet and greet of your guests.

Junior suite

Enjoy tranquility, warmth and comfort at our Junior suite designed to offer an extraordinary staying experience with its enhanced specifications to fulfill your needs. The Junior suite is available with two different views, City and Sea view catering to the different tastes.