Obstetric & Gynecology & IVF

Dr. Tareq Ali Assem

Head of Department - Consultant Obstetric & Gynecology & IVF

Dr. Hadeel Alhammadi

Specialist - Obstetric & Gynecology & IVF

Dr. Ali Shebl

Specialist - Obstetric & Gynecology & IVF

Dr. Ghazi Alsarraj

Specialist - Obstetric & Gynecology (Maternal and Fetal Medicine)

Dr. Alia Altuhoo

Specialist - Obstetric & Gynecology & IVF

Women are a very important part in the community and that is why our Obstetrics & Gynecology department is here to ensure that they are always taken care of. Our highly skilled Gynecologist care about every aspect of a women’s healthcare, women in all stages from puberty to menopause, we are here. Offering annual checkups and examinations to avoid any complex problems that might rise.

A full spectrum of specialized services such as counseling, diagnosis and treatment and preventive healthcare to name some.

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