General Surgery

Dr. Ahmad Sulaiman

Head of Department - General Surgery

Dr. Abdulmoniem Nagi

Consultant - General Surgery

Dr. Khalil Mohamed

General & Bariatric Surgery Specialist

Dr. Zahraa Ismail

Consultant - General Surgery

Today at Kuwait Hospital, the general surgery department provides a wide spectrum of services from outpatient consultation, diagnosis, pre-operative management as well as post-operative care. Major, minor and emergency surgeries are handled with the same level of care and precision, by leading board-certified surgeons in the market today working all under one roof in Kuwait Hospital.
The general surgeon team is made up of world-class healthcare professionals, who have specialty certifications as well as additional subspeciality training in one or more areas. They work together for and with every patient, with one goal – to help every patient and their family cope successfully with the diagnosis and treatment. Kuwait Hospital surgeons consult patients at all stages to ensure that they are aware of what to expect and how to deal with each stage of their journey to recovery.
Some of the surgical procedures include;
– Emergency Surgeries
– Anal surgeries (haemorrhoids, Fissures and fistula)
– All skin tumours (excision biopsy)
– Diabetic Foot Clinic
– Cut wounds and wound dressings
– Pre, peri and post-operative management
– Adjustable gastric band
– Sleeve gastrectomy
– R-Y gastric bypass (redo’s)
– intragastric balloon insertion and removal
– Abdominoplasty & liposuction
– Thyroid and parathyroid surgeries
– Breast surgeries
– Abdominal wall hernias (open & laparoscopic)
– Gallbladder surgeries (open & laparoscopic)
– Inguinal & femoral Hernias (open & laparoscopic)
– Abdominal emergencies (appendicitis, perforated viscus. etc)
– plastic surgery (plasma full body contouring, skin lifts, rhinoplasty, scar revision etc.)
– vascular surgery (management of arterial and venous diseases / vascular lab studies, bypass, TVAR & EVAR)


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