Caring for the mirrors of your health

Caring for your skin is a lifelong process. Our Dermatology department helps you do that through specialized treatments and services for a wide range of conditions related to the skin, hair and nails.

In keeping with our multidisciplinary approach towards holistic healthcare, our team works very closely with doctors and nurses in other departments including Geriatric, Rheumatology, Gynecology and Medicine to provide a complete and comprehensive program of care. 

The Kuwait Hospital Difference

Our experienced laser technicians provide pain-free laser hair removal for adults and supervised hair removal for children. 

We treat and manage a wide range of dermatological conditions including birthmarks, vascular anomalies, Rosacea, Hirsutism, tattoos, burns and keloid scarring, inflammatory skin conditions, recalcitrant warts, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation etc.  

We also specialize in scar-free and effective cosmetic treatments such as PRP, Botox, fillers and skin boosters, and mesotherapy for skin pigmentation.  

Our team of highly qualified facialists and beauticians provide cosmetology treatments of the best quality including facials, hydro-facials, derma pen, mesotherapy and chemical peels. 

What is Dermatology?

Dermatology is a specialized branch of healthcare science which focusses on the prevention, treatment and management of conditions disorders and diseases related to the skin, hair and nails, using medical and surgical solutions.  

Our Services and Treatments

Pediatric and adolescent conditions

  • Atopic eczema and food allergies 
  • Pediatric acne 
  • Haemangiomas, Port wine stains 
  • Hair disorders 
  • Vitiligo 

Adult conditions

  • Acne and Rosacea, acne scars and hyperpigmentation 
  • Psoriasis  
  • Urticaria, Angioedema,  
  • Pigmentary disorders and melasma, tattoos 
  • Keloids, telangiectasias 
  • Skin cancer 
  • Connective Tissue Disease 
  • Psoriasis 
  • Skin allergy 
  • Laser treatment 
  • Vulval dermatology 
  • Genital dermatoses
  • Hair and nail disease 
  • Pigmented lesions  

Minor surgery  & Advanced laser technology

  • Biopsies 
  • Skin tag and molluscum removal by electrocautery, cryocautery and curettage 
  • PiQo4
  • Candela PDL/long pulse Ndyag 
  • Duetto MT for hair removal 


Know our team  

You are unique and so should your healthcare plan be personalized to your wellbeing. Our board-certified doctors are highly experienced and qualified to guide you on your healthcare journey, from consultation and diagnosis to treatment and recovery.  

Get to know your Kuwait Hospital doctor and his/her specialization, credentials and successful track-record for positive health outcomes.