Otolaryngology (ENT) - Head and Neck Surgery

Elevating Care, Inspiring Health

The OTL-HNS Department in Kuwait Hospital was established straight after the Hospital opened its doors to the public after the pandemic in 2021. It has been delivering international standard care in the field to the patient, which translated into being the destination of our patients and their loved ones when seeking care in the field of ear, nose and throat, and head and neck surgery. Our core value lies in the belief that all patient have to receive the highest level of care, should understand their problem and rational for the treatments offered, and be involved in selecting the best method to address their problems and issues.

We strive to be a center of excellence in the field by following and implementing international standards and protocols, but at the same time, understand that each patient should receive individual patient centered care that best suits their condition and unique circumstances. Over the years, we have, actively implemented positive changes based on our patient’s feedback  and advancements in the field to enhance the safety and the quality of our services.  

The Kuwait Hospital Difference

Highly trained surgeons and doctors lead our medical team, ensuring the highest level of expertise in patient care. 

Adhering to international healthcare standards, we maintain rigorous protocols to guarantee the safety and well-being of our patients. 

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our facility ensures precision and efficiency in diagnosis and treatment. 

Our commitment to clinical excellence drives every aspect of our practice, from diagnosis to recovery, ensuring optimal outcomes for our patients. 

At the heart of our philosophy is patient-centered quality care, where every decision and action is guided by the well-being and comfort of our patients. 

Hospitality and benevolence define our approach, creating a compassionate and welcoming environment for all who seek our care. 

Through cooperative working practices, our staff collaborate seamlessly to provide comprehensive support and assistance to our patients. 

Embracing a multidisciplinary approach to care, we integrate expertise from various specialties to address the diverse needs of our patients effectively. 

Our Services and Treatments

Diagnosis, Medical and surgical management of Various ear, nose, throat, and head and neck problems and disease including and not limited to: 


  • Evaluation of hearing in cases of sudden and chronic hearing loss 
  • Ear wax removal  
  • Evaluation and Management of dizziness and Vertigo – We provide comprehensive evaluation for patient with dizziness and imbalance. This is done by taking detailed history by our vertigo experienced doctor, followed by detailed evaluation using state of the art equipment. 
  • Infection of external and middle ear 
  • Persistent middle ear effusion and insertion of ventilation tubes under local anesthesia or GA 
  • Evaluation and management of tinnitus 
  • Treatment of perforated Tympanic membrane  
  • Diagnosis and treatment of otosclerosis 
  • Otological procedures and surgeries – Ranging from simple Myringoplasty, to complex and delicate procedures such as stapedectomy. Our Otologist is providing comprehensive, preoperative consultation, expert surgical exclusion and timely post operative follow up. 

 Nose and sinuses:  

  • Control of Epistaxis 
  • Allergic rhinitis and turbinate Hypertrophy  
  • Septal deviation  
  • Acute and chronic rhinosinusitis  
  • Sinus Surgery using the latest equipment such as sinus navigation machine   

 Larynx and Pharynx problems: 

  • Benign and malignant vocal cord lesions 
  • Dysphonia  
  • Dysphagia  
  • Diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea (multidisciplinary approach) 
  • Laryngopharyngeal reflux  


  • Recurrent otitis media  
  • Persistent middle ear effusion  
  • Speech delay and hearing evaluation  
  • Snoring and sleep apnea  
  • Recurrent tonsillitis  
  • Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy  
  • Congenital head and neck lesions  
  • Thyroglossal duct cyst 

Head and neck surgery: 

  • Recurrent salivary gland infection  
  • Salivary gland stones  
  • Parotid and submandibular gland surgeries – Parotid gland procedure for benign and malignant pathologies are performed routinely by experienced surgeon. Again, the use of the latest technology such as NIM machine is always utilized to improve our patient surgical outcome. 
  • Thyroid and parathyroid surgeries – We offer comprehensive care for patients with thyroid or parathyroid issues through a multidisciplinary team of specialists, including surgeons, endocrinologists, and intervention radiologists. Surgical interventions, conducted by experienced surgeons using advanced equipment, are enhanced by nerve integrity monitoring to improve outcomes and reduce complications. 
  • Congenital head and neck masses 
  • Oropharyngeal tumors  

Facial plastics and head and neck reconstruction: 

  • Primary and secondary rhinoplasty – We specialize in primary, secondary, and tertiary Rhinoplasty, offering thorough consultations with 3D simulations to aid informed decisions and manage postoperative expectations. Additionally, we utilize Ultrasonic devices (Piezo) for selected cases to enhance control and precision in nasal bone shaping, and offer harvesting of Ear or Rib cartilage for complex reconstructions if needed. 
  • Facelift 
  • Neck lift  
  • Forehead lift  
  • Facial nerve paralysis solutions  
  • Otoplasty  

Non surgical facial aging restoration (Fillers and Botox) – Management of facial aging with both non-surgical and surgical modalities. These modalities range from facial injectables such as Botox and fillers, to surgical procedure such as face lift and neck lifts. These management are tailor made to each patient based on their wishes, desires and needs. 


Our Services and Treatments

  • Fully equipped clinics and Operating rooms with the following: 
  • Flexible and rigid endoscopy of the nasal cavity, larynx and ear. 
  • Nerve integrity Monitor for head and neck procedures 
  • Sinus Surgery Navigation System 
  • State of Art operating Microscope and Endoscopy Tower 
  • Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty (Piezo) 
  • State of the Art Audiology Suite (tympanometry, pure tune audiogram, ABR) 
  • Vestibular evaluation Suite (Caloric testing, VNG, head impulse test, rotary chair)  


Know your Doctor  

ou are unique and so should your healthcare plan be personalized to your wellbeing. Our board-certified doctors are highly experienced and qualified to guide you on your healthcare journey, from correct diagnosis to appropriate patient centered treatment.

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