Speech and Language

Compassionate care for speech and language challenges

The ability to effectively speak, swallow, and communicate are essential functions for healthy physical, emotional, mental and social development. At Kuwait Hospital, we have a dedicated clinic specializing in speech and language therapy for children, adults and senior citizens. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association holds that from the moment of birth, children begin to develop language and communication skills.

Furthermore, it says that as people age, there are changes in their ability to swallow, their speech and their language.

This makes our role crucial in ensuring that children feel supported with the tools and techniques they need to slowly and confidently overcome speech difficulties, as well as help adults and senior citizens navigate speech challenges.

The Kuwait Hospital Difference

Following our holistic healthcare philosophy, we are with you every step of the way providing comprehensive services, including… 

  • Consultation to address your concerns 
  • Assessment and diagnosis to identity the disorder  
  • Personalized healthcare plan combining speech therapy goals and counselling  
  • Treatment sessions for both children and older adults. 
  • Re-assessment session to measure level of progress. 
  • Follow-up plan for therapeutic goals 
  • Reports after diagnosis and through therapy to evaluate progress.  

We specialize in treatment and management of dysphagia or swallowing difficulties, providing patients with alternative strategies during the swallowing process, in order to ease the passage of food and liquids to the stomach. 

Our therapists are highly trained in providing trauma-informed and compassionate care, ensuring that patients feel safe, cared for, and progress at their own level of comfort and pace in a family-oriented non-judgmental clinical environment.  


What is Speech & Language Clinic?

Speech and language clinic, also known as speech and language therapy, is a specialized branch of medicine that diagnoses, treats and manages a wide range of conditions related to talking, communication, swallowing, eating and drinking; in both adults and children. 

Services and Treatments

We provide investigation and treatment for a wide variety of conditions for both children and adults, including senior citizens…  

  • Communication problems and disorders 
  • Communication impairment following brain injury, stroke, or trauma  
  • Communication impairment due to motor disorders like Parkinson’s  
  • Communication challenges for children with special needs, eg: Autism  
  • Language disorders and language delays 
  • Language disorders and impaired auditory skills due to hearing loss  
  • Speech problems and fluency disorders 
  • Swallowing difficulties  
  • Organic voice disorders pre-surgical and post-surgical 
  • Functional voice disorders  
  • Stammering and stuttering  
  • Neurological impairments