Emergency 24/7 Service

Kuwait hospital ED is the only emergency department in the country that is covered by certified emergency physicians 24/7

Our Emergency Department offers a wide spectrum of services designed to manage a variety of urgent and life-threatening conditions. We are equipped to handle everything from minor injuries and illnesses to severe trauma and cardiac events. Our services include, but are not limited to, acute care for injuries such as fractures and burns, medical stabilization for heart attacks and strokes, immediate interventions for acute abdominal pain, and specialized treatment for poisoning and allergic reactions. 

 Our team is highly experienced to provide immediate and primary care to patients of all ages, men and women. For the safety of our patients, we assess and prioritize cases according to the Canadian Triage & Acuity Scale (CTAS). This system enables patients to be attended to based on how sick or critical they are; therefore, seeing critical cases first. We offer 24/7 ambulance service and home emergency care.  

The Kuwait Hospital Difference

Our department houses 18 bed cubicles, procedure & recovery rooms, cast room, isolation room, resuscitation bay, and VIP boarding rooms.  

We hold the distinction as the only emergency department in Kuwait that offers 24/7 care via Kuwaiti and GCC consultants trained from the most prestigious international institutions.  

Our network of international counterparts allows us to discuss cutting-edge topics in Emergency Medicine and offer training opportunities for our doctors through our Faculty Development Program to ensure and continue the highest level of quality care.  

 Besides serving current patients, we are dedicated to improve the future delivery of emergency care by conducting a number of quality improvement studies exploring new techniques to satisfy our patients.  

What is Emergency Department?

The emergency department is also known as the casualty ward, or accidents and emergency ward, or emergency room. It provides acute care for patients who need it urgently or on an unplanned and immediate basis, without appointment.  

Our Services and Treatments

Diagnosis, resuscitation and treatment for: 

  • Life-threatening cases  
  • Limb-threatening cases  
  • Sight-threatening cases and ophthalmic emergencies 
  • Medical emergencies 
  • Surgical emergencies 
  • Gynecological and obstetric emergencies 
  • Pediatric emergencies 
  • ENT emergencies 
  • Traumas 
  • Environmental hazards and toxicological exposure  
  • Point of Care Ultrasound to rule out emergent diagnoses at the patients’ bedside (Canadian Emergency Ultrasound Society) 
  • Procedural sedation, when needed, to ensure the patients’ comfort during procedures 
  • 24/7 ambulance  
  • Our Paramedics have the capability to evaluate urgent cases at patients’ homes and deliver necessary services, or transport patients to the Emergency Department if required. 

Our EMS/ambulance service

Provide a special home services by  qualified medical personal.

Our services include: 

 Transfer patient in out of hospitals  

  • Assessing vital signs and stability of the patient 
  • Blood extraction 
  • Administering parenteral medications  
  • Stabilizing fractures 
  • 12 leads ECG 
  • Minor & major wound dressing  
  • Providing primary assessment and management for cardiovascular and respiratory emergences  

Our community services

Our team is always enthusiast to increase public awareness through participating in community awareness events, running first aid workshops. 

Get in touch

To reach our Emergency Care Department, please contact: 22207777 

Know our team

Our vastly experienced team is led by Dr. Yousef Bukhamseen, Senior Specialist. Our emergency medical service and ambulance unit have some of the most highly trained Kuwaiti paramedics with Australian qualifications. This includes assessing patients out-of-hospital and delivery of labs and IV medications while at home.