Quality & Patient Safety

Driven by our vision towards optimal patient wellbeing

At Kuwait Hospital, our patient’s well-being and satisfaction is our priority.  We continuously strive to raise our bar of excellence in services and safety.

Our Performance Development & Invitation Department focuses on healthcare innovation and digitalisation, keeping our clients well-informed of our healthcare services and treatments, improving the quality of care, assuring the environment’s safety for our clients and employees, and upholding international healthcare industry standards.

Our multidisciplinary committees engage all levels of management, from our Chief Medical Officer to healthcare professionals, in this pursuit of excellence while investing in our employees’ continuing education and training and conducting insightful research in the healthcare and medical field.

Our unique organisational culture is built on the foundation of safety, quality, trust, and innovation – with patient well-being and that of the community in Kuwait – at heart.

The Kuwait Hospital Difference

  • To keep our employees updated on hospital policies, protocols and safety guidelines to deliver high-quality clinical care, we publish a monthly ‘Know Your Hospital (KYH)’ bulletin.
  • Our dedicated ‘Quality’ newsletter provides insights into quality improvement and patient safety activities implemented across the Hospital for upholding patient safety, risk management policies and quality standards.
  • To be recognized as a leading private hospital in Kuwait and the region following global best practices, we are working towards international hospital accreditation standards (ACHSI).

Our Principles

We are driven by internationally recognised policies and procedures, which have been developed based on the international accreditation standards (ACHSI) and by Kuwait’s national laws and regulations.

Patient Focus

  • Ensuring patients are the priority.
  • Evaluating the service from the patient’s perspective.
  • Understanding the needs and expectations of present and potential patients.

Best Practice

  • Improving patient satisfaction and outcomes.
  • Learning from others to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of processes.

Continuous Improvement

  • Looking for ways to improve as an essential part of everyday practice.
  • Consistently achieving and maintaining quality care that meets patient needs.
  • Monitoring outcomes in patient care and seeking opportunities to improve the care and its results.

Evidence of Outcomes

  • Providing critical data and information about key processes, outputs, and results.
  • Reflecting those factors that lead to improved health and quality of life for patients or better operational performance.

Effective Leadership

  • Providing direction for the healthcare organisation.
  • Considering proposals that are innovative and creative.
  • Pursuing the ongoing development of strategies, systems, and methods for achieving excellence.
  • Inspiring and motivating the workforce and encouraging them to contribute, develop, and learn.