Insurance at Kuwait Hospital

Partnering with the best insurance companies for your ease of mind

Kuwait Hospital has established associations with the leading private insurance providers for medical and healthcare insurance. We authorize, verify, process and undertake direct billing for a wide range of conditions as applicable and covered by different insurance policies. We also educate our patients about insurance guidelines and procedures.

We advise all our patients and their families to stay updated and well-informed of the coverage scope of their insurance policy and always maintain valid and original insurance cards for emergency or routine purposes.

Accepted Insurance


Which insurance companies are accepted at Kuwait Hospital?

A wide range of insurance companies is accepted at Kuwait Hospital. Please see the list above.

How can I verify my insurance coverage?

Please send an email to [email protected] with the details of your insurance policy for verification. with the details of your insurance policy for verification.

Which documents do I need to bring for insurance?

Please bring your:

  • Original and valid civil identification card
  • Original and valid insurance card

Do you require pre-authorization?

Yes, for certain procedures and tests pre-authorization is required. Admission at the hospital is necessary for the insurance policy to be applicable.

How long does it take to secure an approval from the insurance company?

It usually takes between 10-20 minutes for insurance to be approved, depending on the terms, conditions and procedures of your insurance policy.