Nursing Services

Compassionate partners in care - There with you every step of the way

Kuwait Hospital’s Nursing Service provides continuous and compassionate care to patients, their families, and the community through all stages of life and phases of care, from preventative healthcare and acute care treatment to rehabilitation and recovery, and palliative care.

With an internationally informed, professional practice model as our foundation, we strive to enable, facilitate, challenge, and support empathic and individual care partnerships within a healthy and safe working environment. 

The Kuwait Hospital Difference

Our multicultural Nursing team upholds collaboration, and teamwork, to provide reliably high standards of care: educated, evidence-based best practice including internationally recognized standards, safe  nurse/patient ratios, and disciplined and professional behaviors.  

In keeping with our holistic approach to healthcare, Nursing is part of an inter and multi-disciplinary team with doctors, pharmacists, clinical and administrative support services, dieticians, and social support services to working in partnership with patients, their needs and plans of care. 

Our nurses specialize in diverse roles and functions including: coaching and mentoring, empathic collegiality, educators, caring partners in healing, advocacy, critical thinking and problem solving – following through with the patient and team members until effective solutions have been realized.  


Kuwait Hospital Nursing roles and functions

1. We are skilled and professional care service providers 
Keeping your physical, psychosocial, developmental, cultural and spiritual wellbeing at heart, we perform physical exams and health histories before making critical decisions. We provide health promotion, counseling and education, administer medications and other personalized interventions. We coordinate care in collaboration with a wide array of health care professionals.  

2. We are change agents 
We act as change agents when assisting patients to make modifications in their own behavior. We often act to make changes in a system such as clinical care, to better support patient wellbeing.  

3. We are leaders 
We positively influence others to work together to accomplish a specific/ many  goal. Our effective leadership is a learned process with an understanding of the needs and goals which motivate people, the knowledge to apply the leadership skills, and the interpersonal skills to influence others. 

4. We are managers 
We manage the lean, effective and optimal use of resources at our disposal for nursing care of patients, their families, and communities. We strategically delegate nursing activities to ancillary workers and other support staff , whilst remaining responsible, supervising, and evaluating performance. 

5. We are administrators 
We function at various levels of health management responsible for the administration of resources and personnel involved in providing  compassionate, high quality, and cost-effective patient care.