Dr. Ahmad Sulaiman

Consultant Surgeon
HOD General Surgery

Dr Ahmad Sulaiman is a consultant surgeon, the HOD of the General Surgery department in Kuwait Hospital.
Dr Sulaiman received his medical degree from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland,  and completed a 5 years residency in the Kuwait Board of surgery.
He then worked in Germany for 7 years and obtained the German Board in GIT Surgery.
Dr Ahmad has over 30 years experience under his belt.

Years of Experience


Treatments & Services

Trauma surgeries , Colon Cancer surgeries

Diagnostic Upper GI Endoscopy, Gallbladder surgeries

Ventral wall Hernias surgeries, Inguinal Hernias surgeries

Surgeries of Acute Abdomen,  Anal surgeries

All skin lesions,  sebaceous Cysts and lipomas Excision

Pre and post-operative Follow up.