Dr. Senol Jadik

Consultant Neurosurgeon
German Board Certified Facharzt

Dr. Senol Jadik, MD, PhD is a Consultant Neurosurgeon and Spine surgeon in the Neurosurgery Department at Kuwait Hospital
Dr Jadik was visiting doctor in Al Razi hospital Kuwait in the Spine unite
Dr Jadik received his medical degree from the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany and completed his residency at the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University of  Frankfurt am Main in Germany
Dr. Jadik received his PhD doctorate from University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
Dr. Jadik performed autonomously more than 6000 surgeries for brain and spine and he is expert in complex spine cases, revision cases, endoscopic surgeries, MIS approach, total disc replacement and leading pioneer in new technologies like robotics in spine and brain surgeries.

Years of Experience


Treatments & Services

Complex spine cases & Revision cases

Endoscopic surgeries for brain and spine & MIS approach

Total disc replacement & Robotics in spine and brain surgeries

Lumbar, thoracic, cervical disc herniation & Instability of the spine

Osteoporotic vertebral fractures & Spinal canal stenosis

Traumatic fractures of the spine & Tumors 

Degenerative spinal disorders & Brain injuries

Intracerebral hemorrhage , Brain tumors & Hydrocephalus

Vascular diseases of the brain, Aneurysms and Angioma


Consultant Neurosurgeon HOD

Kuwait Hospital

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Wara Hospital Kuwait

Head of Spine Unit

Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein Campus Kiel

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Asklepiosklinik Nord Hamburg, Neurosurgical department
Evangelisches Krankenhaus Bielefeld, Neurosurgical department
Asklepiosklinik Altona Hamburg, Neurosurgical department


J.-W.-Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, Neurosurgical department


Dr. Horst-Schmidt-Kliniken Wiesbaden, Neurosurgical department


Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany
Wolfgang-Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main in Germany