Dr. Sulaiman Khadadah

Consultant Internal Medicine

Dr. Sulaiman Khadadah is currently consultant physician in internal medicine, pulmonology critical care and sleep medicine. He is also the head of the internal medicine department (HOD) and respiratory medicine at Kuwait Hospital.
Dr. Khadadah received his medical degree from Trinity college, Dublin, Ireland with honors. He then subsequently completed his residency in internal medicine at McGill University, Montreal Canada.
He also completed fellowships in Pulmonary, Critical care and sleep medicine and is both FRCPC and ABIM certified and has completed extensive training in advanced thoracic endoscopy.

Years of Experience


Treatments & Services

Asthma, COPD, bronchiectasis, chronic cough

Pulmonary fibrosis, infectious pulmonary diseases, pneumonia, URTI

Pulmonary vascular diseases including pulmonary embolus

Insomnia, sleep breathing disorders including OSA and hypoventilation

Parasomnias, Circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders, Sleep-related movement disorders

Lung nodules evaluation and management



McGill university pulmonary medicine 2014 – 2016
American board of Internal medicine pulmonary (ABIM) 2016
FRCPC Respirology (Canadian board) 2016
McGill university sleep medicine 2016-2017
Sleep medicine fellowship (McGill) 2017
McGill university Critical care medicine 2017-2019
American board of critical care medicine (ABIM) 2019
FRCPC Critical care (Canadian board) 2019
McGill linear EBUS 2019
University de Montreal 2019-2020
Advanced thoracic endoscopy fellowship 2020


McGill university Internal medicine 2011-2014
American board of Internal medicine (ABIM) 2014
FRCPC internal medicine (Canadian board) 2015

Medical School

University, Trinity College Dublin 2003-2008
MB Bch BAO, overall second class honors June 2008