Patient Rights and Responsibilities

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As a valued patient at Kuwait Hospital, you have the following right to:

  1. To receive information on and practice your rights in a language that you fully understand.
  2. Receive treatment according to the highest professional standards; to know the names of the doctors and staff responsible in the partnership of your care delivery.
  3. Be involved in every decision regarding your care.
  4. Receive treatment without delay in an emergency, regardless of financial/social status.
  5. Be given respect for your privacy and confidentiality of care and personal information. Obtain a medical report/ test results upon written request.
  6. To receive appropriate protection if a child, disabled, vulnerable or elderly, and to receive protection from any physical, verbal or psychological abuse.
  7. Be informed of the potential for pain and your basic right to be pain free; KH will involve you in the appropriate assessment and management of pain, and the potential for pain, through well-known and evidence-based therapies.
  8. Be informed of all costs and expenses before the treatment.
  9. Request another medical opinion if desired.
  10. Be provided with comprehensive explanations about treatment, alternative treatments and the side effects of the treatment and participate in care and treatment decisions.
  11. Accept or reject treatment, (understanding of all consequences) as a personal responsibility.
  12. Be provided an interpreter if necessary.
  13. Complain about medical services and care without fear of repercussions. You will be made aware of the complaint and management process.
  14. Receive compassionate and kind, professional care that supports your dignity and is respectful of your family and significant others, your personal values and beliefs without discrimination in any regard.

As a valued patient at Kuwait Hospital, you have the following responsibilities to:

  1. Smoking is prohibited within Kuwait Hospital premises.
  2. Comply with Kuwait Federal and Kuwait Hospital regulations regarding COVID-19 precautions: in particular, face mask, hand washing, social distancing and visiting regulations.
  3. Provide accurate personal information when applying for medical care, including correct next of kin contacts.
  4. Ensure your insurance / civil ID is up to date.
  5. Respect the priority of emergency situations.
  6. Follow the rules and regulations of Kuwait Hospital including, without exception, all safety rules/ information.
  7. Pay treatment fees and financial dues without delay.
  8. Follow the therapeutic plan proposed by the physician, and agreed in partnership with you, and bear the consequences in case of rejection of the treatment.
  9. Respect all employees of Kuwait Hospital and the rights of other patients.
  10. Avoid bringing valuables and personal belongings into the hospital: Preserve personal belongings during the period of the treatment.
  11. Maintain appointments, follow-ups, and inform staff in case of non-attendance to allow time to be given to other patients.
  12. Cooperate with and provide complete and accurate information to the healthcare provider during admission, examination, procedures, and discharge processes.